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Deckenrandschalung - das beste Qualitätsprodukt verfügbar nur in Realbud.com!


Formwork is a very important element of the construction of concrete or reinforced concrete. It is the form by which the concrete mix gains its shape. There are various ways of doing the formwork, and among them are the traditional and the permanent shuttering.


Traditional or permanent shuttering?

Formwork is a method used in the construction industry to give shape to concrete mass. This means pouring concrete into the previously constructed structure and waiting until the mass has completely cooled down. As a result of the application of the formwork, the effect of spillage of fresh concrete is eliminated, which is formed and stopped for drying by - most often - wooden construction. In addition, this design determines the thickness of the spout.

In traditional shuttering, this construction is temporary. With this method, after the drying of the mass, we remove the formwork, and thus generate additional costs and increase the time of work. In addition – it often requires the involvement of additional staff.

The way to speed up and improve your work and increase productivity is the permanent shuttering. It is a modern technological solution in construction works.

 Permanent shuttering

Permanent shuttering and its advantages

The permanent shuttering is usually made of cement-chipboard. Thanks to that it provides resistance to unfavorable weather - so it is safe to say that this board is protected against the emergence of mold or fungus. (more on this topic HERE)


It is also important to increase the efficiency of the work carried out using the loss. Significantly faster realization and the safety and ease of formwork at any altitude convince to implement this modern solution.

Another important feature is the prefabrication of the permanent shuttering. Elements are available at fixed heights, usually 10 - 25 cm. Thanks to this, the finished element is delivered to the construction site. Another important argument, which speaks for the permanent shuttering over the traditional shuttering, is the unshaped construction.

Definitely lower shuttering costs

The key feature of the previously mentioned permanent shuttering method is that there is no need to dismantle the structure. Consequently, the allegations against the permanent formulas arise, stating that the costs of the element itself which are not removed will be higher.

It is worth mentioning that the permanent shuttering is a cost which must be compared with the overall cost of preparing, assembling and finally removing the construction of the traditional formwork. A similar operation then requires the concrete screed, the involvement of construction machinery, and consequently the people who perform the work of 'finishing' the concrete structure. This solution is also time-consuming, which is always unfavorable for construction.

Modern construction technologies, among which permanent shuttering has been replaced, are becoming increasingly popular and, in view of the many advantages, are increasingly used. Performance, security and ultimate cost reduction will turn out to be fundamental elements of modern construction.


You can read more about the permanent shuttering at www.szalunektracony.pl


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