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Fibres 600 g

Numer produktu Realbud: 46612

$   4.18 3.39525 /unit

$ 3.40 tax excl.

Package 600 g
Usage approx. 0,6 kg - 1 kg/m³ of concrete
Weight 0.6 kg
Application An additive for concrete, mortar, plaster; good at screed concrete floors, precast, concrete products
Volume 0.01 m³

Fibres create a spatial net in concrete mixtures, which functions as micro-reinforcement, and thereby eliminates the need for the use of anti-shrink steel nets. The Belmix fibres are made of pure, chemically neutral polypropylene which, upon contact with water, guarantees that it will easily become wet thereby ensuring a remarkably good miscibility in concrete mixtures or in mortar. Fibres create a spatial net in the concrete mixture which functions as micro-reinforcement and thereby eliminates the need for the use of anti-shrink steel nets, and therefore they provide many positive effects:


1. Almost total elimination of shrinkage cracks and micro-cracks

2. Reduction of the concrete water&rsquos permeability and absorption

3. Increase in the concrete surface&rsquos resistance to abrasion

4. Increase in the impact strength and resistance to crumbling

5. Improvement in the concrete&rsquos workability and resistance to the segregation of its components

6. Improvement in shotcrete rheology

7. Increase in the concrete&rsquos fire resistance

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Fibres 600 g

Fibres 600 g

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