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Blackplast R szybki grunt Roztwór asfaltowy- 5 Litrów View larger

Blackplast R fast primer, bitumen solution 5L

Numer produktu Realbud: 49991

Asphalt solution.

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$   13.49 10.969268 /unit

$ 10.97 tax excl.

Capacity 5L
Weight 5 kg
Supplier's index TEST
Supplier ADW
Volume 0.01 m³



BLACKPLAST R is an asphalt solution. It has a very short drying time. It is intended for priming concrete surfaces, cement, cement-gypsum, ceramic surfaces.


Blackplast R can be used as an asphalt varnish. Used on a metal surface, it creates a coating that protects the metal from corrosion. It has very good adhesion to concrete, metal and wood. It is used for the impregnation of elements made of wood and wood-based materials used outdoors, e.g. fences, balustrades, fence posts, roof shingles. It can be used to perform independent "light" insulation coatings, eg concrete rings, well pipes, fence foundations, etc.




Blackplast R cannot be used indoors.


The substrate to be primed should be seasoned, dry, dusted and free of deposits and fossils.

To make an independent insulation coating, the surface on which we intend to make the insulation should be leveled without pitting and crayfish as well as technological defects, without scratches and gaps. The insulation should be done in layers, the next one after the previous one dries. The number of applied layers depending on the need.


Wood, chipboard and cement surfaces should be prepared by removing impurities (dust, etc.), filling in or missing gaps. replace rotten and decayed elements.

- steel structures, steel and galvanized sheets: removal of rust, old paint, grease, grease etc. Rust removal up to class III cleanliness is allowed.


- corrosion protection on metals is always carried out "cold", with the help of brushes, roof brushes or mechanically on the prepared surface. The time it takes to form the coating depends on the ambient temperature, humidity, the condition of the substrate, and the degree of surface tilt, but should not exceed approx. 4 hours.


Priming - one single, even painting of the entire surface is sufficient.


Consumption: for priming and the first insulating coating on metal surfaces is approx. 0.3-0.6 L / m². Consumption for subsequent coatings on metal surfaces: approx. 0.2-0.4 L / m².




Carry out all work with BLACPLAST R at positive temperatures in wet weather.


When carrying out work, comply with applicable health and safety regulations for works using organic solvents. For particularly dangerous works: swimming pools, canals, wells, etc., strictly apply restrictions and appropriate collective and individual protection measures for these works, e.g. effective ventilation, blowing, or half-masks with an organic vapor absorber or fresh air apparatus. In case of poisoning, provide the injured with fresh air, provide first aid, call a doctor.





BLACPLAST R cannot be used inside residential and public buildings as well as other rooms intended for permanent residence of people and the food industry. The material should not come into direct contact with food or drinking water.

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Blackplast R fast primer, bitumen solution 5L

Blackplast R fast primer, bitumen solution 5L

Asphalt solution.

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