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  • Finnfoam - quality insulation!

    Finnfoam - quality insulation!

    Insulation you can trust! Finnfoam is a reliable and versatile thermal insulation system that retains its properties even in very demanding conditions. A unique feature of Finnfoam is the single structure, which has the form of closed cells. Thanks to it, it ...
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  • General information about the types of cement at realbud.com

    General information about the types of cement at realbud.com

    Cement abbreviations: Digit eg. 32.5 is a class of cementThe letter after class means:N - normal early strengthR - high early strength Subsequent letters indicate special features of cement:HSR - high resistance to sulphatesLH - low heat of hydrationNA - low...
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  • KONEKT Chimney systems introduction

    KONEKT Chimney systems introduction

    The chimney Konekt is a versatile and at the same time the best type of chimney system on the market. It is designed to modern furnaces for solid fuels and liquid in which there is condensation effect of the exhaust gases (if the temperature is less than 20...
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  • Microfibres - polypropylene fibers

    Microfibres - polypropylene fibers

    Application: an increase in resistance to flexural strength, compressive strength, breaking reduction of internal and surface cracks reduction of water soaking The issue of cracks in concrete is the bane of all who met this problem. The variety of crac...
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  • Boards for floors, walls and roofs

    Boards for floors, walls and roofs

    Boards for floors, walls and roofs                 Among Kronobuild® building products of Kronospan belong various types of particle boards, osb boards, wood fibreboards and cement- bonded particleboards. these...
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  • Expert articles and knowledge base

    Expert articles and knowledge base

    Technical support Safety and trust are the most important values in the operations of our online store. However, there is still one thing which is equally important and significant, i.e. exceptional customer service based on professional support. Thanks to a...
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