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Environmental and application features of the cement-bonded chipboard

Environmental and application features of the cement-bonded chipboard

Cement-bonded chipboard that we carry in our warehouse are products of a company called FALCO. We would like to give you a short taste of how much of a sound product they are.


Healthy, debarked pine and cement: these are the raw materials used to produce one of our most successful products for more than three decades. Our cement-bonded chipboard, called BETONYP, is used where lightweight construction and facing elements require toughness and durability.


  • High abrasion and shock resistance
  • Moisture proof and frost resistant
  • Fungal and insect resistant
  • Flame resistant and anti-combustible
  • Free of formaldehyde and asbestos
  • Easy processing and fixation
  • Extended durability
  • Sustainable and recyclable


We use low grade wood residues, small roundwood and recycled wood to produce technically advanced engineered products.



We recycle process waste into our products or use them to produce carbon neutral energy for consumption onsite. When a waste material cannot be used in one of our onsite processes, we seek out recycling opportunities in partnership with other companies.


We monitor our use of water and energy constantly to identify opportunities to reduce usage, and have invested heavily in processes that generate energy from wood-based carbon neutral fuel.


Falco and its suppliers always strive to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact and minimize waste quantities and discharge into the air, soil and water, which are vital natural resources that deserve the greatest protection. All waste is sorted and recycled as much as possible. All chemicals are handled, used, stored and disposed of in an environmentally secure manner. 

Falco is essential to upholding the eco-friendliness of the total timber suppyly chain.


Our aim is to maximise the yield from input materials to achieve cost effective production with the lowest possible environmental impact.

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