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Cast iron manhole cover D400 Hydrotop

Numer produktu Realbud: 57777

$   123.64 100.524132 /unit

$ 100.52 tax excl.

Diameter 750 mm
Height 100 mm
Weight 52.5 kg
Material Ductile iron GGG50
Resistance class 40 T
Color czarny
Application Jezdnie dróg (wraz z ulicami dla pieszych), twarde pobocza oraz tereny parkingowe wszystkich typów pojazdów drogowych.
Quantity per Pallet 16
Supplier's index P5150016B
Supplier HYDRO-TOP
Volume 0.05 m³
D400 class manhole without ventilation, round, free clearance Ø600 mm, hinged with two latches. Full iron body made of ductile iron, with TOPPERN insert.

Group 4 - (min. Class D 400) road carriageways (also pedestrian and roadways), paved shoulders and parking areas for all types of road vehicles

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Cast iron manhole cover D400 Hydrotop

Cast iron manhole cover D400 Hydrotop

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