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Chimney system standard + Ventilation

KONEKT PS chimney is a modern system for fireplace inserts and solid fuel boilers - wood, coal. KONEKT PS chimney is designed for furnaces with gas temperature higher than 200°C.

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$   355.52 289.03884 /Set

$ 289.04 tax excl.

Dimension 36x50 cm

Characteristics of the KONEKT PS chimney system

The Konekt PS system is a modern system for fireplace inserts and solid fuel boilers (wood, coal). The KONEKT PS chimney is intended for furnaces where the flue gas temperature is higher than 200 ° C. This system should not be used for fine coal boilers and heating devices that produce wet exhaust gases. The KONEKT PS System uses high-class A1N1 / B2N1 ceramic inserts, which are acid and fire resistant. A characteristic feature of the system is the low price and quick installation. In this system, it is recommended to use a 45 ° flue tee, which will ensure better chimney draft.


    As one of the few producers of chimney systems in Poland, we have a wide selection of channel cross-sections (internal diameter of the channel [mm] 140/160/180/200/250). All sections are in the continuous offer.
    Very high quality ceramics class A1N1 / B2N1 fired at 12000 ° C provides gas tightness, acid resistance, moisture resistance and soot fire resistance. The cartridges have a smooth surface.
    The chimney concrete chimney casing is made of lightweight concrete with very good thermal insulation.
    The KONEKT PS Chimney System is tailored to the offered KONEKT ventilation ducts.
    The modularity of the system ensures that the system will fit into every building. The system height is adjusted to the client's needs. The chimney system can have a height of 4 mb to 25 mb, the chimney module 0.25 mb.
    The KONEKT PS Chimney System has a written 50-year warranty.
    By buying our Chimney System the customer will receive a completely equipped chimney - ready for connecting the heating device.
    Operation in the temperature range from 200 ° C to 600 ° C.
    The system has the European CE Quality Certificate for the entire system.

The system meets the requirements of the following standards: EN 13063-1 and 13063-3, which is confirmed by the received CE certificates


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EN 13063-1 KONEKT PL

Certificate of conformity

EN 13063-3 KONEKT PL

Certificate of conformity