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Cobalt metal drill S C View larger

Cobalt metal drill S C

Numer produktu Realbud: 65267
  • point angle 135°
  • high drilling performance, high durability and heat resistance due to cobalt content
  • manufactured in accordance with DIN 338

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$   1.60 /unit

$ 1.30 tax excl.

EAN Code5907180857224
Supplier's indexS-24010
IndexØ (mm)PackageEAN
S-240101,03/100 pcs5907180857224
S-240151,53/300 pcs5907180857231
S-240202,03/180 pcs5907180857248
S-240252,53/150 pcs5907180857255
S-240303,02/80 pcs5907180857262
S-240323,22/150 pcs5907180857279
S-240353,52/100 pcs5907180857286
S-240383,82/100 pcs5907180857293
S-240404,01/50 pcs5907180857309
S-240424,21/50 pcs5907180857316
S-240454,51/50 pcs5907180857323
S-240484,81/50 pcs5907180857330
S-240505,01/50 pcs5907180857347
S-240555,51/50 pcs5907180857354
S-240606,01/50 pcs5907180857361
S-240656,51/50 pcs5907180857378
S-240676,71/50 pcs5907180857385
S-240707,01/50 pcs5907180857392
S-240757,51/50 pcs5907180857408
S-240808,01/40 pcs5907180857415
S-240858,51/50 pcs5907180857422
S-240909,01/50 pcs5907180857439
S-2410010,01/50 pcs5907180857446
S-2412012,01/30 pcs5907180857453

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