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Combination open-end wrench, polished View larger

Combination open-end wrench, polished

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$   0.85 /unit

$ 0.69 tax excl.

Widthfrom 6 mm to 32 mm

IndexW (mm)PackagesEAN
S-4820661/25 pcs5907180855916
S-4820771/25 pcs5907180855923
S-4820881/25 pcs5907180855930
S-4820991/25 pcs5907180855947
S-48210101/50 pcs5907180855954
S-48211111/25 pcs5907180855961
S-48212121/25 pcs5907180855978
S-48213131/25 pcs5907180855985
S-48214141/25 pcs5907180855992
S-48215151/25 pcs5907180856005
S-48216161/25 pcs5907180856012
S-48217171/25 pcs5907180856029
S-48218181/10 pcs5907180856036
S-48219191/10 pcs5907180856043
S-48220201/10 pcs5907180856050
S-48221211/10 pcs5907180856067
S-48222221/10 pcs5907180856074
S-48223231/10 pcs5907180856081
S-48224241/10 pcs5907180856098
S-48227271/10 pcs5907180856104
S-48230301/10 pcs5907180856111
S-48232321/10 pcs5907180856128

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