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Concrete Block M6 12x24x38 perforated View larger

Concrete Block M6 12x24x38 perforated

Numer produktu Realbud: 43154

$   1.01 0.819259 /unit

$ 0.82 tax excl.

Length 38 cm
Width 24 cm
Height 12 cm
Usage 21,9 pcs./m²
Weight 18.52 kg
Resistance class 15 MPa (15 N/mm²)
Quantity per Pallet 60 pcs.
Supplier's index M6
Supplier ROOSENS
Volume 0.01 m³

Each individual piece of concreteblock is priced at 2.09 PLN &ndash delivery with HDS unloading available &ndash individual evaluation (the cost will be provided after placing an order).

M6 concreteblock is used in the construction of both stem and basement walls, and also for raising walls to above ground level.

The concrete blocks are loaded on pallets, 60 pieces a palette*.

The dimensions of the M6 concrete block: 38 x 24 x 12

38 mm x 24 mm x 12 mm wall element made of M-6 12 aggregate concrete

Compressive strength: 15MPa (N/mm2) on average

(┴ perpendicular to the laying surface) 15MPa (N/mm2)

(┴ perpendicular to the side surface - header) 15MPa (2nd category)

Stability of dimensions: humidity expansion: WUN (symbol denoting that no tests are required for this product in Poland and that the manufacturer is not obliged to carry them out).

Strength of joint: not applicable

Reaction to fire: A1 Euroclass

Water absorption: do not expose them outdoors

Steam permeability coefficient: not applicable

Insulation performance for direct air sounds:

Gross density: 18,5 kg/piece ± 10%

Shape, structure according to the attached drawing

Equivalent heat conduction coefficient: no requirements

Hardness (resistance to freezing &ndash defrosting): WUN

Hazardous substances: no requirements


*deposit for a palette 35 PLN net

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Concrete Block M6 12x24x38 perforated

Concrete Block M6 12x24x38 perforated

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