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We strive every day to be better and to ensure that you return to us and are satisfied with YOUR PURCHASES!

We are constantly seeking new solutions in terms of both the range of offered products and the very operation of our store. We examine and test them; we verify whether they are going to improve our range and increase the level of our customers' satisfaction.

We are flexible and adaptable to your needs while at the same time caring for the improvement of sales, delivery and payment processes as well as ensuring that we always offer high-quality products.

At every stage of our operations, we strive to make our store a place created ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!!!

We are happy to listen to your opinions and suggestions which will allow us to better understand your expectations. This inspires us to work harder and more actively in the hope that we will win your trust.

Therefore, please let us know all your comments, recommendations or tips. Be critical and honest – your opinions will help us to become a better store for the benefit of both you and us!

Please contact us – contact@realbud.com or +48 530 710 580.


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Our values:

  • Honesty & integrity
  • Professionalism & perfection
  • Development & sustainability
  • Respect for customers and employees
  • Team work
  • Safety