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Establishing cooperation with the brand PETRALANA!

PETRALANA S.A. is a company, in which the modern and innovative potential of manufacturing is complemented by a professional and flexible approach and the search for new solutions in the market of insulation materials. The idea of ​​building a factory of mineral rock wool was born in response to growing market demand. What's more, this project is 100% based on the Polish capital, which allows considerable independence in the field of production and sourcing the best raw materials, on the basis of which our mineral rock wool is produced.

For the production of mineral rock wool we use only natural, carefully selected raw materials that come from reliable suppliers. The main materials used in the production process are gabbro and basalt - volcanic rocks, which, thanks to its characteristics give our rockwool exceptional fire resistance and excellent thermal and sound insulation. In this way, we create a unique product with special characteristics and versatile application possibilities. Mineral rockwool PETRALANA as a natural product is resistant to external factors, what guarantees the inviolability of its properties during many years of operation.

The use of natural materials makes the stone wool a natural and environmentally friendly product.

Even more Internet, even more useful technology!

Exlusively for our customers we installed touch-screen stand in our Szczecin shop, where you can quickly and easily browse the entire catalog of our products, check prices and even place orders.

Stand naturally encourages with our always lively blue color and super-convenient hoker :)

Establishing cooperation with the brand Kingspan Insulation!

Why choose Kingspan Insulation products?

           At the construction stage you have to take into account future costs of operating the building, which grow as rapidly as prices of energy and fuels. To this must be added the financing of the loan needed for the construction, which is a heavy burden on building owners.

The investment in thermal insulation can further reduce your heating bills with the largest share in the operating costs. The quality of the thermal insulation are the thermal insulation properties and resistance to external conditions. State of the art insulation materials are offered now by the world leader in the field of thermal insulation - Kingspan Insulation. They are rigid insulating panels ThermaPir whether a new generation of panels with a core of foam resole Kooltherm® offering thermal conductivity coefficient λ = 0,020W / (mK) ensure almost 100% better performance than conventional insulation material.


Additional Advantages:

  • high compressive strength
  • absorbability not exceeding 2%
  • increase the volume of rooms
  • saving space on the plot
  • high fire resistance
  • FM Global certificate
  • ten-year warranty

Establishing cooperation with the brand Corotop!

The brand Corotop® is a system of roofing materials used for waterproofing and effective ventilation of pitched roofs. We use innovative production technologies, so that we go up against the dynamic market changes. We care about the comfort of use of our products. New utility solutions are introduced in response to the needs of our customers.

The idea behind the brand is high quality products - we provide it by conducting regular laboratory tests. All products meet required by law standards and have building approvals and CE certificates.

Our customers appreciate the
professional service and after-sales and technical support.

Product range:

  • Roofing membranes
  • Wind insulation
  • Ribbon membranes
  • Active vapor barrier
  • Ridge tapes
  • Chimney tapes
  • Roof communication
  • Snow protection

Brand new warehouses - even more storage space!

The construction of two new warehouses is done, which in a prominent way will increase the capacity of our storage and the shipments speed. We hope that a wide range of goods available immediately on site will contribute to greater satisfaction of your shopping experience with us.

The materials that we have today in very large quantities and various types and sizes, mainly OSB and plasterboard, steel bars, polystyrene and XPS boards, resole boards KINGSPAN, wool and widely understood adhesives and primers.

We warmly invite you to both on- and off-line shopping!


We are happy to inform you that we have completely changed not only the graphic layout but also the functions of our Internet Store.

Our main aim is to constantly improve the Store so that our customers can use its functions with ease and are satisfied with their SHOPPING!

We are also counting on your help and support to make this happen. If you notice any errors in the functioning of the Store, mistakes in descriptions or would like to provide us with your remarks, opinions or ideas, please call us or visit one of our shops. We will always listen to your opinions, which are extremely important and helpful for the constant improvement of the Store.

By our actions, we will always strive to make our Store a place created ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!!!

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