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Drainage Treatment Plant Horizon-S 2000L

Numer produktu Realbud: 13032
For 4-5 people.
The cost of transport in Poland 380 PLN.

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$   565.78 565.783302 /unit

$ 565.78 tax excl.

Length 266 cm
Height 145 cm
Weight 1 kg
Material Polyethylene
Color Green
Supplier HYDRO-TOP
Volume 2 m³

Advantages of tanks made of polyethylene

    Absolute tightness is ensured by the monolithic structure of the tank, acid resistance of polyethylene and mechanical resistance to ingrowth of all kinds of roots
    The ribbed construction ensures stability and secure foundation below the ground surface
    Manhole extensions allow for foundation at various depths
    The tanks are designed for storing sewage, water and other liquid chemicals

An economically justified and ecological alternative to a traditional septic tank

Household sewage treatment plant provides disposal of sewage of social and living nature in the amount of up to 7.5 m3. Waste water is discharged into a septic tank where sedimentation, flotation and fermentation processes take place. The treated sewage flows through the post-cleaning filter further to the distribution chamber. The well's task is to evenly separate partially purified wastewater into the infiltration pipes. Wastewater is distributed through perforated pipes and percolates through the soil layer where biological cleaning processes take place.

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Drainage Treatment Plant Horizon-S 2000L

Drainage Treatment Plant Horizon-S 2000L

For 4-5 people.
The cost of transport in Poland 380 PLN.

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