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Elastic sealing tape SECCO

Numer produktu Realbud: 41175

$   1.69 1.374595 /meter

$ 1.37 tax excl.

Package 50 m
Weight 0.04 kg
EAN Code 5901535410249
Supplier's index 17/17B/01-0002 17/17B/01-0090
Supplier SECCO


Secco Band tape is used to make flexible seals in places of increased stress (so-called critical places) of wet and damp rooms. It is used in corners, edges, expansion joints, in bathrooms, kitchens, boiler rooms, laundries, on terraces, balconies, toilets, car washes, slaughterhouses, etc. It ensures watertightness of layers under ceramic tile cladding, and reduces the stress of insulated surfaces . Can be used inside and outside buildings. Cement, cement-lime plasters, concrete, aerated concrete, concrete blocks, gypsum plasterboards and other drywall systems boards, cement screeds etc. are suitable as substrates.

Technical data:

  • material: TPE plastic, polyester fabric,
  • dimensions: 120 / 70mm x 50 mb,
  • packaging: 1 item,
  • the product has the Technical Approval of COBR PIB and PZH Hygienic Certificate.

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Elastic sealing tape SECCO

Elastic sealing tape SECCO

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