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Filler Mortar ŚMIG A-2 Premium 5 kg View larger

Filler Mortar ŚMIG A-2 Premium 5 kg

Numer produktu Realbud: 2420

$   4.62 3.758143 /unit

$ 3.76 tax excl.

Length 20.5 cm
Width 21 cm
Height 15.5 cm
Weight 5 kg
Properties Density: 1 600 – 1 700 kg/m³
Application temperature From 5°C to +25°C
Color White
Layer thickness 5 mm
Drying time 24 h
EAN Code 5900508013050
Supplier's index LATWO SIE SZLIFUJE
Supplier MEGARON

ŚMIG A-2 Premium readymixed jointing compound is used for interior fnishing works. In chemical terms, it is a mixture of mineral compounds, a polymer dispersion, chemical additives and water. It has the consistency of paste. The bonding process occurs during evaporation of water from the mortar. Bonding is irreversible.


Work comfort

ŚMIG A-2 Premium's chief advantage is that it is ready to use right after the bucket is opened. It is recommended to apply ŚMIG straight from the bucket with no preparation procedures. Another advantage is that work can be stopped and resumed at any time.

After the work is complete, the bucket should be closed, and the product is ready to use after it is opened again.


The chain architecture of the polymer binder creates a flexible network of connections within the product&rsquos structure and thus provides the fnished coat with flexibility and high cracking resistance.
NOTE: The product will reach its structural cohesion, flexibility and required adhesion properties only after it has dried completely and the bonding processes have fnished.

Layer thickness

A single layer of ŚMIG A-2 Premium plaster can be up to 5 mm thick. If thicker layers are applied, small surface cracks may appear.

Bonding and drying times

Bonding and drying times depend on the pace at which water evaporates from the mortar. For a 1 mm layer, at a temperature of 20°C and in a well-ventilated interior the surface will dry and bond within 2-3 h. Under the same conditions, it will take a 5 mm layer 24 hours to dry and bond. A lower temperature of the environment, increased humidity or a lack of ventilation will extend the mortar&rsquos bonding and drying time.

Base preparation

NOTE: At temperatures below +10°C, the bonding processes stop even if water has evaporated from the mortar.
Before floating can start, old flaking layers, impermanent paint coats and dust caused by grinding the bottom layer of plaster should be removed. Dirt, fat and soot must be washed with water under high pressure or with detergents. The product should only be applied to permanent, clean and dry bases. Priming and wetting of the base is not recommended.

Work technology

Depending on the base roughness, the first layer of plaster should be 1-5 mm thick. After the surface has dried completely, initial grinding of the imperfections should be performed with 80-100 grit abrasive paper or mesh. If needed, defects and imperfections of the frst layer should be repaired locally by flling with mortar, or another thinner layer should be applied. Another layer of plaster can only be applied after the previous one has dried completely and the dust has been removed. For final grinding, 150-200 grit abrasive paper or sponge should be used. The permissible temperature of the environment and the base ranges from +10°C to +40°C. When drying, grinding and dust removal are complete, the plaster surface is ready for painting. Any possible priming of the fnished plaster should only be performed if required by the paint manufacturer. In that case, the primer should only be applied using a paint roller, as paintbrushes are not recommended.

Packaging and storage

The product is packed in plastic lidded buckets with a lock, with a net weight of 20 kg, 15 kg, 5 kg or 1.5 kg. The 20 kg, 15 kg and 5 kg buckets have a plastic handle.
NOTE: The product should be stored at temperatures ranging from 0°C to 40°C.
NOTE: Do not stack pallets.

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