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Floor board OAK SUNNY MOLTI 3-strip

An oak board coated with natural oil. A varied and distinctive grain pattern with small healthy knots.

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$   127.96 /package

$ 104.04 tax excl.

Package 3,18 m²
Length 2200 mm
Width 207 mm
Thickness 14 mm
Weight 27 kg
Additional info Coating: natural oil
Quantity per Pallet 127,20 m²


  • 100% wood
  • Possible to lay over underfloor heating
  • Solid construction
  • A floor resistant to changes in temperature and humidity
  • Fast and easy DIY installation
  • A product ready for use immediately after installation
  • Possible to renovate

100% OF WOOD

The Barlinek floorboard is a natural and noble product created from genuine wood. Wooden floorboards are healthier and more durable than any kind of synthetic imitation. Unlike laminates, they are pleasantly warm to the touch, they do not electrify nor attract dust or mites. Therefore, they are a perfect solution for allergy sufferers. They provide perfect soundproofing, and thanks to their ability to absorb humidity they regulate microclimate of the room. Also, the Barlinek wooden floorboard can be sanded down and renovated with lacquer many times.

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