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Foam with straw Herkules 750 ml View larger

Foam with straw Herkules 750 ml

Numer produktu Realbud: 63769

One component PU foam with hose applicator. For professional installation, sealing and soundproofing work.

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$   4.64 3.774638 /unit

$ 3.77 tax excl.

Capacity 750 ml
Weight 0.78 kg
Color Light yellow
Drying time 24 h
EAN Code 5902986801037
Supplier's index 008-05-020-0001
Supplier LAKMA


The foam adheres well to typical construction materials such as brick, concrete, plaster, wood, metal, polystyrene and rigid PUR pipes. It features great sound proofing and heat-resistance characteristics. It is particularly suitable for the professional installation of windows and doors, sills, and for the thermal insulation of water distribution and drainage systems, central heating, and for filling the gaps in the thermal insulation of buildings. The foam hardens under the influence of the humidity in the air.



Great for work related to the fitting of doors and windows, and for the thermal insulation of water distribution and drainage systems, also for central heating systems. It may be used to seal sills, to provide heat insulation for roofs and flat roofs, and to fill gaps in the heat insulation of buildings.

Available packaging size: 750 ml

Available types: standard, multi-season


Colour after curing

Pre-treatment time

Thermal resistance (hardened product)

Time for full curing


light yellow

45 minutes

-50°C to +90°C

24 hours

45 dm3

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