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Geofibres 2x50 m, 150 g/m² View larger

Geofibres 2x50 m, 150 g/m²

Geofibres paramethers:

            - width 2m

            - length 50m

            - nominal surface density 150g/m2

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$   0.63 /m²

$ 0.51 tax excl.

Package100 m²
Length50 m
Width2 m
Weight0.15 kg
Applicationseparacja, filtracja, drenaż, ochrona, wzmocnienie
Supplier's index8881-85023

Geofibres are flat geosynthetics made of polypropylene or polyester fibres joined mechanically by needling (or quilting) and/or thermal welding.

Geofibres are used in places with various structure elements in civil engineering or in geotechnical work such as: the construction of roads and railway tracks and tram lines, tunnels, and underground work, construction of water reservoirs and dams, to protect polymer waterproof membranes in flat roofs, in order to arrange green roofs and façades, to protect river and canal wharfs, in landfill construction, carparks and pavements.

Geofibre is a separation layer between the different materials of civil engineering structures and between various types of soil or aggregates of different graining and as a base layer stabilizing the soil under geogrids, geoframings or terracotta grids, in the construction of strengthened embankments and slopes.

The basic functions met by geofibres are:

  • separation
  • filtration
  • protection
  • drainage
  • strengthening

 The selection of an appropriate geofibre type depends on the existing conditions and the expected effects of usage.



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