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Gutter Cleanlifts

Gutter traps

Gutter traps constitute an element connecting the gutter system of the building with sewage system. They enable efficient drainage of rainwater, protecting the building from rainwater accumulation and soaking foundations.
Gutter traps are an extremely simple but very effective device. It is also up to them to catch contaminants flowing from the roof, for example leaves, branches or sand. This is an indispensable element, especially when water from gutters is discharged into manholes, rainwater drains or sewage system. The filter basket has the role of a filter. So removing dirt is not a problem.
The settling tanks offered by us are of the highest quality - they were made of special plastic. They are resistant to weather conditions - they do not corrode, they are inert to both high and low temperatures. They have been designed so that everyone can easily connect them to the drain pipes that drain water from the gutters.
We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer, and if in doubt, please contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the right products that will meet your expectations.
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