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Hot air welding roofing felt PYE PV250S52 SILNY WERNER 6 m²

Numer produktu Realbud: 56357

The top layer in multi-layered water-proof systems.

WHEN ORDERING FOUR (4) pallets, i.e. 96 rolls, i.e. 576 m² – FREE DELIVERY!

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$   21.26 /Roll

$ 17.28 tax excl.

Package6 m²
Length6 m
Width1 m
Thickness5.2 mm
Weight30 kg
Resistance classTensile - 800/500 N/50 mm (longitudinal, transverse)
Reaction to fireClass E
Quantity per Pallet24 pcs.
Volume0.04 m³

The bitumen torch-on membrane of the top covering, SBS-modified on a base consisting of composite polyester-fibre glass needled cloth. The top side covered with coarse-grained mineral topping, along one edge of the membrane strip there is a zone of bitumen compound not covered with the topping, and protected with a plastic film. The underside of the torch-on membrane protected with a plastic film.

Purpose and scope of application:

The top layer in multi-layered water-proof systems. Not intended for roof coverings with plant crops. If the product is used on buildings for which fire class resistance requirements are applicable, the part of the building where the product has been applied must meet those requirements and the requirements concerning the extent of fire spread.

Fastening method:

The bitumen torch-on membrane is fastened to the base by welding on the entire underside surface.

Information corcerning the application conditions, storage and transportation:

The torch-on membrane must not by laid at an ambient temperature of less than +5°C, on wet and/or iced surfaces, during rainfall or snowfall and in times of strong winds. The rolls of the torch-on membrane shall be stored on an even base in an upright position, one layer, protected from overturning, damage, or ambient conditions. Rolls shall be transported in an upright position protected from overturning and damage.

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