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Papa nawierzchniowa PYE PV250S56 TOP WERNER termozgrzewalna 5 m² View larger

Hot air welding roofing felt PYE PV250S56 TOP WERNER 5m²

Numer produktu Realbud: 61900

The top layer in multi-layered water-proof systems.

WHEN ORDERING FOUR pallets, i.e. 96 rolls, i.e. 576 m² – FREE DELIVERY!

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$   29.54 24.014175 /Roll

$ 24.01 tax excl.

Height 1 m
Thickness 5,6 mm
Weight 30 kg
Color Black
Quantity per Pallet 24 pcs.
Supplier WERNER
Volume 0.04 m³

Tarmac bituminous asphalt roofing felt with SBS modified coverage based on a composite polyester-glass non-woven fabric. The top side is covered with a coarse-grained mineral powder, along one edge of the ribbon there is an asphalt mass belt not covered with sprinkles, protected with a plastic film. The bottom side of the roofing felt is protected with plastic foil.

Purpose and scope of application of the product:

Top layer in multi-layered water protection systems. It is not intended for roofing for vegetable crops. In the case of using the product on buildings subject to the requirements of fire resistance classes, the building element in which the degree of fire spread was applied once.

Information on the conditions of use, storage and transport:

Roofing felt should not be laid at temperatures below 0 ° C, on wet or icy surfaces, during rain or snow, in strong wind conditions. Rolls should be stored on an even surface in a standing position, protected against tipping, damage and weather conditions in one layer. Rolls should be transported in one layer, in a standing position and secured against tipping over and damage.



Po skorzystaniu z porady sprzedawcy zdecydowałem się na tą papę. W sumie najdroższa, ale nie żałuję. Porządna papa, naprawdę gruba. Mam nadzieję, że posłuży na wiele lat. Dobra rada: Pamiętajcie o gruncie pod papę. Dobry wykonawca też wam o tym przypomni

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Technical data sheet DS PYE PV250S56 TOP WERNER in Polish.