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Hydro-insulation of concrete bases Izoplast B, 20 kg

Numer produktu Realbud: 5308
Izoplast B is a mixture of asphalt and additives in organic solvents, has penetrating and waterproofing properties.

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$   31.04 /package

$ 25.23 tax excl.

Package20 kg
Usage0,3-0,6 kg/m²/layer
Weight21.4 kg
Application temperaturefrom +5°C to +30°C
Quantity per Pallet24 pcs.
Volume0.03 m³

Hydro-insulation of concrete bases

IZOPLAST B’ is a mix of asphalt and enriching additives in organic solvents, it has penetration and hydro-insulation properties. It is a semi-liquid product used cold. Thanks to the use of fillers it has excellent penetration properties and a coating made of this product is characterised by its clearly improved water-proofing properties, durability, and elasticity.


General civil engineering, industrial architecture, housing construction, road building.

- restoration of bitumen membranes on the roofs of all structures, regardless of their gradient,

- damp-proofing both horizontal and vertical insulations of all types of structures,

- hydro-insulation of concrete bases, foundations, structure strips, poured mortars, ceramics, clinkers, etc.,

- protection of structure stub walls, concrete fencing, etc.,

- hydro-insulation of pipes and underground sewage chambers, concrete rings, intermediate pumping stations,

- anti-moisture insulations of road infrastructure, e.g. flyovers/viaducts, bridges, retaining walls, etc.,

- anticorrosion protection of metal surfaces, e.g. in road building – parts of railings and energy-absorbing barriers, steel structures, etc.,

- especially recommended in conditions of strong hydration and in a saline water environment with sodium chlorides. Resistance to saline waters (about 3% of NaCl) confirmed by the tests in the COBR Katowice (Research and Development Centre of the Construction Insulation Industry in Katowice),

- recommended by the Road and Bridge Research Institute.



IZOPLAST B’ cannot be used inside residential buildings, public buildings and any other interiors where people reside permanently and products of the food sector are stored. The preparation should not be in direct contact with food and drinking water.

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