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Isover Aku-board from mineral wool 10 cm

Numer produktu Realbud: 3036

Aku-Board mineral wool glass panel.

Energy-efficient acoustic insulation of partitions, housings and wall claddings.


Logistic minimum 6 pallets (Isover products mix). With smaller orders, the surcharge is PLN 60 for each pallet space.

PelletsSurcharge (NET)
5PLN 60
4PLN 120
3PLN 180
2PLN 240
1PLN 300

More details

$   26.71 /package

$ 21.72 tax excl.

Package7,2 m²
Length120 cm
Width60 cm
Thickness50 mm
Weight24.6 kg
MaterialMineral wool
Thermal conductivity0,037 W/mK
Quantity per Pallet24
Hygiene classGUM: 68/322/71/2016
EAN Code5901644617836
Supplier's index101221100
Volume0.15 m³


Sound insulation:

- light partition walls
- suspended ceilings
- wall cladding and casings

Thermal isolation:

- masonry walls
- walls of skeletal casings
- curtain walls of halls as filling of profiled sheets and cassettes
- floors on joists
Aku-Board is available in plates with a thickness of 50, 75, 100 mm and width 600 mm, which corresponds to the standard spacing and height of profiles of drywall systems. Additionally, Aku-Płyta is available in the thickness of 120 and 150 mm, which allows its universal use, eg in floors on joists, halls, etc.

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