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Izoplast Dysperbit 20 kg View larger

Izoplast Dysperbit 20 kg

$   11.16 /package

$ 9.07 tax excl.

Package20 kg
Usage0,4-0,8 kg/m²/layer
Application temperaturefrom +5°C to +30°C
Number of layers1-3
Drying time1 mm layer in temp. 20°C approx. 6 hours
Quantity per Pallet24 pcs.


An ecological, modern, water-soluble agent for making outdoor and indoor water-protection insulations of all types, both vertical and horizontal.

Dysperbit is designed for:

-­ renovation and restoration of old roofing,

- creation of seamless roof coatings on a base made of bitumen membranes,

- creation of seamless water-proofing layers on the vertical and horizontal planes of all types with the use of the warps strengthening the coating and making its positioning easier (e.g. polypropylene mesh, glass fleeces and glass fabrics, polyester fibres),

- creation of water-proofing and moisture-proofing insulations of all types, including ceilings (floors), strip foundations, floors, (e.g. in cellars, bathrooms), balconies, terraces, swimming pools.


- the product does not contain any organic solvents,

- “cold product” – ready to use,

- Easy to use – minimum effort,

- possibility of lamination with the use of reinforcement inserts made of technical fabrics,

- does not react with polystyrene foam, the possibility of use together with the materials not resistant to organic solvents and their vapours,

- easy to transport both horizontally and vertically.

Making of insulation coating

Apply with brush on the prepared surface. Work must be carried out at a temperature of above 50 C and in dry weather (when working outdoor). A coating of 1 mm thickness takes approximately 6 hours to dry in a temperature of 200 C. During this time the coating is not resistant to water. Depending on particular needs, 1 to 3 layers should be applied. The next layer should be applied after the previous one is dry.

Lamination: apply the IZOPLAST DYSPERBENT compound on the prepared surface, then lay the fabric, and saturate with the compound. When this is dry, apply the next layers.

To increase the hydro-insulation durability on roofs and t surfaces exposed to direct sunlight, the top layer can be covered with quartz sand or coloured mineral coatings.

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