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Kooltherm K5 wall insulation

Package size: 120x40 cm

The price is for the 90 mm thickness.

All free delivery promotions are valid only within the area of Poland.

Warning! There is currently no 4 cm thickness.
Below choose your desired thickness:

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$   130.01 /package

$ 105.70 tax excl.

Length40 cm
Width120 cm
Weight15 kg
Thermal conductivity0.020 W/mK

Kingspan Kooltherm K5 are rigid insulation panels with a closed cell structure and the core is made of phenol-formaldehyde resin.

 Properties and application:

  • Best thermal performance among materials used on the thermal insulation market λ=0,020 W/mK
  • Required U value of the separating element at the minimum panel thickness
  • Perfect for new buildings and those intended for renovation
  • Even up to 8% more usable space on balconies and terraces
  • Easy to process/trim and install
  • Meets the highest requirements for insulation materials used in the energy-efficient construction industry
  • Possible to use on buildings with small roof eaves
  • Resistant to water steam penetration
  • Cost reduction in the finishing materials of windows and balconies

Good choice!

I'd never heard about Kingspan before.
A few days ago I risked to but it on and I definitely don't regret it! Very good product! I recommend it to everybody!

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