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Kratowniczka zbrojenie, Murfor do cienkich spoin EFS/Z-40 View larger

Lintel Stirrups FGS 84 - 25 pcs/box

Numer produktu Realbud: 60912

LHK/S stirrups are made out of 2mm steel bar (steel A4).

Price refers to a box of 25 pcs.

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Supplier NOVA

Geofibres, in combination with Murfor reinforcement, are a system for re-vaulting lintels. Most often used in elevation walls, but when employed in external walls door openings can also be re-vaulted. The stirrups are located in the first layer of “bricks” are located above the lintel in vertical grouts every 20 – 30 cm approximately.

LHK/S/170 for bricks laid with the so called brick-on-edge method (on the header),

LHK/S/84 for bricks laid with the so called small brick-on-edge method (on the face),

LHK/S/40 for bricks laid flat (on the bed).

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