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Lintels Ytong YN - inner & outer walls

Ytong YN reinforced beams constitute an independent, load-bearing lintel construction. In the case of exterior walls, Ytong YN lintels ensure adequate thermal insulation without additional insulation.

The price is for the lintel YN-130/20 (length 130 cm, width 20 cm), fixed height 249 mm

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$   33.17 /unit

$ 26.97 tax excl.

Width200, 240, 300, 365 mm
Height249 mm
Weight69 kg
Supplier's index220 160 920

Ytong YN lintel - assembly

Ytong YN lintels are placed on the mortar for thin joints symmetrically over the opening covered. The minimum length of the backrest is 20 cm or 25 cm on each side. The maximum width of the covered hole is 175 cm.

Prefabricated Ytong YN beams have a width of 36.5 cm. For covering openings in walls with a width of 40 cm or 48 cm, two Ytong YN beams arranged in parallel should be used.

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