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Liquid lime 5L View larger

Liquid lime 5L

Numer produktu Realbud: 1739

$   5.16 4.195264 /unit

$ 4.20 tax excl.

Capacity 5L
EAN Code 5901549222562
Supplier ARTCHEM




CEMAPLAST® - is a chloride-free admixture replacing lime in cement mortars. It allows you to carry out works in the absence of space or lime storage conditions. It reduces the cost of mortar by about 10 times. Quality checked for 10 years on the Polish market.



The mortar spreads better during work, maintaining better adhesion unlike lime, it does not require cumbersome preparation. It maintains better cohesiveness and prevents delamination, increases mortar aeration by 19%, making it more airtight, flexible, more resistant to frost, and after drying more watertight. Reduces plaster shrinkage, which eliminates the formation of cracks on the surface no efflorescence and streaks, reduces the cost of labor, materials (especially when plastering - no waste) does not damage hand skin, eliminates transport and storage costs - reduces mortar costs by approximately 10 times (6 liters of CEMAPLAST® replaces approximately 1 ton of hydrated lime), reduces water consumption by 19%, while reducing hygroscopicity and water absorption while maintaining gas permeability.

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Liquid lime 5L

Liquid lime 5L

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