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Masonry mortar Weber ZM10 25 kg View larger

Masonry mortar Weber ZM10 25 kg

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$   3.00 2.441281 /unit

$ 2.44 tax excl.

Package 25 kg
Usage approx. 25 kg to 0.5-0.7 m² wall thickness of 1/2 a brick, with full bricks; assuming joint thickness 15 mm
Weight 25 kg
Resistance class M10 (10 N/mm²)
Thermal conductivity ≤ 0.83/0.93 W/mK
Application temperature From +5°C to 30°C
Reaction to fire A1
Color Gray
Drying time 2 h
Supplier's index 14WZM010/25
Supplier WEBER
Volume 0.02 m³

The most important product properties

  •     cement
  •     easy and quick to use
  •     very good grip
  •     recommended joint thickness 10 - 15 mm
  •     for indoors and outdoors
  •     hardy and waterproof


For masonry of external and internal structural walls, foundations, partitions, shields, arches and vaults etc. of elements made of bricks and ceramic blocks, silicate bricks, blocks of concrete, aerated concrete and expanded clay, etc. It replaces traditional building mortars prepared at the construction site - it is also faster and easier to prepare and execute, it provides uniform, good working and strength parameters for each mixed batch of mortar. Helpful in renovation works - enables preparation of small portions of mortar at the place of application. For masonry of clinker and facade bricks, we recommend using weber mortar ZK552 (M 100/600). For plastering elements walled with weber mortar ZM502 (M 7) it is recommended to use cement, cement-lime and cement-polymer Weber plasters.

Technical data

Reaction to fire: A1 - non-flammable
Compressive strength
(after 28 days):
&ge 10 N/mm2  (M10)
Permeability coefficient
water vapor &mu (tabular value):
15 / 35
Heat transfer coefficient &lambda 10, dry (tabular value): &le 0,83/0,93 W/mK
Chloride content: &le 0,05%
Mixing proportions: 3.0 - 3.5L of water per 25 kg
Wear time: up to 2 h
(depending on temperature)
Layer thickness: 10 - 15 mm



Store in original, undamaged packaging, protect from moisture. The shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture.


Depending on the dimensions of the masonry elements and joint thickness, e.g. approx. 35 kg / m2 for a wall with a thickness of 1/2 brick with a 10 mm joint.

    efficiency: approx. 14.5L of mortar with 25 kg of dry mix

Executive tips

The ground and brick elements: bricks, hollow bricks, blocks, etc. must be clean (free of impurities weakening the bond, e.g. fats, bitumen, dust, glues, mortar remains) and dry. Immediately after mixing, apply the mortar with a trowel and lightly press the masonry elements. Observe the traditional principles of bricklaying technology. Masonry with full joints. The ambient and surface temperature during work and for the next 7 days should be higher than + 5 ° C. Protect the finished element against precipitation or rapid drying. Fresh mortar stains should be washed with water, mechanically removed hardened ones.


Pour 25 kg (a bag) of dry weber mix ZM10 (M-Blok) into 3.0 - 3.5L of clean, cool water and mix for 3-4 minutes. low speed electric stirrer to obtain a homogeneous mass. When using concrete mixers, mix the mortar for 6 - 8 min. Prepare portions that will be used within 2 hours. Do not add more water than the recommended amount, as this will reduce strength and increase mortar shrinkage. It is unacceptable to "improve" the product by adding sand, cement, etc. Mortar immediately after mixing, apply with a trowel and lightly press masonry elements. Observe the traditional principles of bricklaying technology. Masonry on full joints 10 - 15 mm.

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Masonry mortar Weber ZM10 25 kg

Masonry mortar Weber ZM10 25 kg

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