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MultiGips Kleber Hydro adhesive for water-resistant plaster panel

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$   25.35 20.613427 /package

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Package Sack
Weight 25 kg
Reaction to fire A1
Supplier's index 62520
Supplier VG ORTH


Use only clean water and clean containers and tools. Pour adhesive to a small bucket with clean water in the proportion of 1 (water) : 1.5 (adhesive). Wait for adhesive to immerse completely. Stir the mixture with a stucco trowel or slow-speed mixer. The consistency of adhesive should now resemble that of thick sour cream. Reducing or increasing the amount of water or adding more adhesive to the mixture may change the consistency of adhesive substance.


Spread the previously prepared adhesive substance evenly along the edges of the boards that will be in contact with the installed board. Use a stucco trowel for that purpose. If excess adhesive flows out after fitting the boards hermetically, spread it along the contact surface with a steel long float. If ceramic tiles are to be installed on the wall, excess adhesive needs to be removed after the initial hardening has begun. The adhesive is also suitable for plastering the entire surface of a wall composed of plaster panels. The foundation needs to be hard, frost-protected, and cleansed of any loosely associated or dust particles.


Approximately 60 min


1.5 &ndash 3.0 kg per 1 m2 of wall


Keep the packages on wooden pallets in a dry room. Any open package needs to be closed hermetically again and used in short time.

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MultiGips Kleber Hydro adhesive for water-resistant plaster panel

MultiGips Kleber Hydro adhesive for water-resistant plaster panel

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