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Pipe and Thread Sealing Loctite®

Numer produktu Realbud: 31941

$   16.71 13.583748 /unit

$ 13.58 tax excl.

Application temperature od -55°C do +130°C.
Color White
EAN Code 5903978706064
Supplier's index B870606
Supplier BISAN

Loctite® Sealants are much superior to traditional sealant types:

&bull Solvent-based sealing compounds: Shrink during cure as solvents evaporate. Fittings must

be re-torqued to minimise voids. They lock the assembly by a combination of friction and


&bull PTFE tape: Lubricates in off direction, allowing fittings to loosen under dynamic loads and

resulting in loss of clamping force and leakage. Dynamic loads may accelerate creep, causing

leakage over time. The lubricating effect of PTFE frequently results in over-tightening of

fasteners, adding stress or causing breakage of parts. Application requires good professional

skills to avoid stressing fittings or castings.

&bull Hemp & Paste: are slow to apply and require a lot of expertise, are messy to assemble, and

interfere with the torque needed to obtain the correct pre-stress. Frequently require re-work to achieve a 100 % seal of the assembly.

Advantages of Loctite® Thread Sealants as compared to traditional sealant types:

&bull Single-component &ndash clean and easy to apply

&bull Does not creep, shrink or block systems

&bull Can be used on any size of pipe fitting

&bull Replaces all types of tape and hemp/paste sealants

&bull The seal resists vibration and shock loads

&bull Grades with several approvals, e.g. Loctite® 55 Sealing Cord: Potable water (KTW) and Gas (DVGW) approvals

&bull Protect mated threaded areas against corrosion

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Pipe and Thread Sealing Loctite®

Pipe and Thread Sealing Loctite®

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