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Priming asphalt emulsion Izoplast R-W, 20L View larger

Priming asphalt emulsion Izoplast R-W, 20L

Numer produktu Realbud: 45567

$   34.30 27.882285 /package

$ 27.88 tax excl.

Capacity 20L
Usage 0.15 – 0.5L/m²
Weight 21 kg
Number of layers 1-3
Drying time max. 6 h
Quantity per Pallet 24 pcs.
Supplier's index
Supplier ADW
Volume 0.03 m³


  • priming of concrete bases, cement and cement-gypsum coats and ceramics before the laying of the insulation made of asphalt mixes, e.g. IZOPLAST B-W or IZOPLAST 2K-W, tar papers, including those welded, and for the protection of wooden elements
  • creation of moisture-proofing and water-proofing insulation coatings of a &ldquolight&rdquo type on both vertical and horizontal concrete elements used in: road and railway civil engineering facilities, civil engineering structures of city railways (underground), and for individual applications.

Product features

  • ecological, easy and simple to use
  • no organic solvents
  • used cold on dry or matt-humid base, short drying time
  • excellent penetration properties, it penetrates deeply into all mineral bases
  • increases the adhesion of the real insulation to the base
  • after bonding, the coating is resistant to weather conditions
  • protects structure elements from the effects of chemically aggressive substances present in the soil
  • can be used in contact with polystyrene foam, mineral wool and wood.

The consumption of IZOPLAST R-W for priming and first insulation coating &ndash about 0.2 &ndash 0.5L/m². For subsequent coatings about 0.15 &ndash 0.35L/m².


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Priming asphalt emulsion Izoplast R-W, 20L

Priming asphalt emulsion Izoplast R-W, 20L

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DoP ADW Izoplast R-W PL

Declaration of performance for the ADW product in Polish.