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Pumping Stations

Pumping stations

Pumping stations consist of a complete tank-pressure system equipped with a special installation and a control system. They are used for drainage of municipal and sanitary sewage, as well as drainage and rainwater - they reach the upper container or are transported over long distances.
Our offer pertaining to the pumping station is addressed both to individual recipients as well as small neighboring communities or small industrial plants. The pumping can be installed both inside and outside buildings. They are easy to use and safe to use. Full automation means that they do not require constant service. The pumping stations offered by us have been produced in accordance with the applicable standards. They are characterized by small dimensions, simple construction, easy assembly, durability and the possibility of many years of operation.
We encourage you to check our offer. We provide professional advice in the selection of pumping stations. All device parameters are each time adapted to the individual needs of the customer.
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