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Porit Siporex aerated concrete block 11,5 cm

Numer produktu Realbud: 6763
The aerated concrete block is a lightweight material, and at the same time durable, with the best thermal insulation among materials used for wall masonry.
The block is characterized by high accuracy of the TLMB class.
Transport costs are set individually.

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Length 624 mm
Width 115 mm
Height 249 mm
Weight 13.84 kg
Material Gazobeton
Resistance class Compressive strength 4 MPa
Additional info Density 550 kg/m³
Reaction to fire A1
Quantity per Pallet 78
Supplier's index P456211
Supplier PORIT
Volume 0.04 m³
The Porite block achieves a relatively high strength in relation to its weight due to the cellular structure that is similar to the pumice.
Porit has features that allow for efficient and fast building in the system of homogeneous walls that meet all the requirements for thermal protection of the building. Thanks to its application, homogeneous walls have a higher heat storage capacity and a greater paro permeability from laminar walls, which means that they provide an excellent microclimate in the rooms.
Large block size and tongue and groove joint (reduced mortar consumption) Cellular concrete walls are formed much faster than other wall materials.


  • simplifies finishing works,
  • reduces the amount of waste
  • does not require the use of specialized tools for processing.


Porit blocks are used, among others, for:
  • external construction (load-bearing and self-supporting)
  • external filling (curtain)
  • internal structural (load-bearing and self-supporting)
  • internal filling (shielding

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