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Wełna mineralna 20 cm PETRALIGHT - 0,035W/mK View larger

Stone wool PETRALIGHT - 20 cm - 0.035 W/mK

Slabs of stone wool for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation of buildings

Package = 1.80 m² = 3 boards

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$   13.56 /package

$ 11.02 tax excl.

Package2.40 m²
Length1 m
Diameter0.60 m
Thickness20 cm
Weight10.8 kg
Thermal conductivity0.035 W/mK
Quantity per Pallet43.2 m²
Volume0.27 m³


  • usable lofts
  • unusable lofts
  • ventilated flat roofs
  • suspended ceilings
  • floors between joists
  • partition walls
  • curtain walls with frame structures
  • floors between joists
  • fill-in a frame structures including elevations (cassettes, cavity walls, curtain walls, panels, sidings)

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