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Sucha mieszanka betonowa webermix beton B30 View larger

Sucha mieszanka betonowa webermix beton B30 25 kg

Numer produktu Realbud: 5438

$   4.39 3.568449 /unit

$ 3.57 tax excl.

Package Sack
Length 50 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 10 cm
Usage 19 kg/m²/1 cm
Weight 25 kg
Resistance class 30 N/mm²
Application temperature From 5°C to +25°C
Color Gray
Layer thickness 20-150 mm
Quantity per Pallet 42 pcs.
Supplier's index 14WMXB30/25
Supplier WEBER
Volume 0.02 m³


    High durability
    Aggregate up to 4 mm
    Excellent working parameters
    It can be used on surfaces loaded with pedestrian and transport traffic
    For non-structural concrete repairs as CC mortar
    For making slopes on balconies and terraces
    Frost resistant after hardening
    For indoor and outdoor use

Substrate preparation

The surface must be hard, sound, rough, absorbable, not frozen, free from dirt and loose fragments, and free from dust. Moisten the surface with plenty of water without leaving stagnant water, so that it is matt wet. When using formwork, coat the formwork surface from the inside with a release agent. If required, arrange the reinforcement ensuring adequate insulation and protect it against corrosion. Free elements, i.e. posts, stabilize before concreting. All concrete works should be carried out in accordance with applicable rules.

Product preparation

Pour 25 kg (a bag) of dry webermix concrete B30 into 2.25 - 2.75L of clean water and mix with an electric mixer 2-3 min. to obtain a homogeneous consistency. When using low speed mixers or concrete mixers, the product should be mixed for 5-6 minutes. The addition of antispasmodic fibers is allowed. Prepare portions that will be used within approximately 1.5 hours. Do not add more water than the recommended amount, as this will reduce strength and increase shrinkage.

Other informations

The ambient and surface temperature during work and for the next 5 days should be between + 5 ° C and + 25 ° C. The object must be protected against atmospheric precipitation. The surface should be protected against too rapid loss of moisture as a result of, e.g. high temperatures, drafts, solar radiation, etc. In order to ensure high quality, all work should be carried out using appropriate tools in an environment protected against dust, dust, polystyrene balls, etc., by contamination.


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Sucha mieszanka betonowa webermix beton B30 25 kg

Sucha mieszanka betonowa webermix beton B30 25 kg

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