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Superwand Board DS 5 mm

Numer produktu Realbud: 60020

Package size: 125x80 cm

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$   10.12 /unit

$ 8.23 tax excl.

Length 125 cm
Width 39 cm
Thickness 5 mm
Weight 15 kg
Thermal conductivity 0.025 W/mK
Supplier KORFF

Against mould and black spots


Buildings with a poor basic structure in Germany, Switzerland, England and Austria often have not just high energy losses but also unpleasant interior conditions in some cases and suffer from mould growth, particularly at thermal bridges.


Using our Superwand DS® insulation boards not only reduces energy losses but also improves the conditions on the surface and the room air.

  • Superwand DS® guarantees optimum thermal insulation with minimum thickness
  • Superwand DS® with a built-in vapour barrier

What Superwand DS® has to offer:

  • The integrated aluminium foil acts as a vapour barrier and prevents any later development of mould behind the insulation
  • Requires little space (only 10 mm or 20 mm) with maximum thermal insulation
  • Saves energy costs thanks to the high thermal insulation value:
    - 56% with the 20 mm panel
    - 40% with the 10 mm panel
  • Allows low-cost renovation work since no changes are needed to doors, windows etc.
  • Can be wallpapered, painted or plastered with no problems
  • Tried and tested for 25 years in Switzerland and 10 years in Germany

If the mildew still attracts a few centimeters in the ceiling or in the einbindende inner wall, our UNIVERSAL insulation wedge is suitable for cost-effective renovation.

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Superwand Board DS 5 mm

Superwand Board DS 5 mm

Package size: 125x80 cm

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