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SUPRA W Plus interior latex paint

Numer produktu Realbud: 69161

SUPRA W PLUS interior paint is an latex paint for painting stucco, cement-lime plaster, thin mineral and dispersive stucco, as well as concrete, gypsum, gypsum sheathing and cement surfaces.

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$   19.85 /package

$ 16.14 tax excl.

Usage1L/14 m²
Application temperatureFrom +5°C to +25°C


SUPRA W PLUS interior paint is recommended especially for painting interiors of residential, public (e.g.: hospitals, playschools, offices etc.) and industrial buildings. Due to high level of coating SUPRA W PLUS interior paint is suitable for primary and renovation painting. It is used for protective and decorative coats. SUPRA W PLUS interior paint can be used only inside buildings.

Prepatation of the surface

The surface should be dry, stable and carrying, that is strong enough as well as cleaned of any layers that might weaken the adherence of the paint, especially dust, dirt, wax and fats. Old paint layers and other layers with poor adherence to the surface should be carefully removed. Small damages (e.g. cracks or gaps) should be repaired and filled in. The surface should be primed with SUPERGRUNT GLAZ priming paint – especially in case of surfaces with high absorbability. SUPRA W PLUS interior paint is supplied in a ready-to-use form. Do not mix it with other materials. Stir thoroughly before use in order to smooth the consistency.


SUPRA W PLUS interior paint should be applied onto a prepared and seasoned surface with a thin and evenly spread coat. Paint can be applied with a paint roller, a paint brush or by spraying. The paint can be applied once or twice, depending on the absorbability and structure of the surface. Paint should be applied to the properly prepared surface in a continuous way (using “wet on wet” technology), avoiding breaks in work. The drying time of the paint depends on the surface, temperature and relative humidity of air and is about 2 to 6 hours.


In case of a single coating of a smooth surface average consumption is about 1 litre of paint per about 14 m2.

Storing and transport

Shelf life of the paint is 36 months from the production date on the packing.

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