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Weber Superflex 100 DEITERMANN 30 kg View larger

Weber Superflex 100 DEITERMANN 30 kg

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Flexible, two-component sealing compound (KMB), designed for durable and reliable sealing of buildings.

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$   114.86 /unit

$ 93.38 tax excl.

Capacity30 kg
Width32 cm
Height38 cm
Thickness32 cm
Usage3,5 - 4,7 L/m²
MaterialTwo-component polymer-bituminous sealing compound (KMB)
Additional infoDensity 1 kg/dm³
Application temperature+1°C do +35°C
Quantity per Pallet18 pcs.
Supplier's index14SUP100/30
Volume0.06 m³
Weber Superflex 100 has a large aging resistance and normally aggressive ground up to the grade "very aggressive" according to DIN 4030. It binds due to a chemical reaction - after a short time it is resistant to rain
The product can be applied by spraying. It does not contain solvents, so it does not adversely affect the environment.


  • for applications on all mineral substrates,
  • for applications on dry and slightly damp surfaces,
  • for applications on vertical and horizontal surfaces,
  • can be used on unguarded masonry.
For sealing external buildings, structures and their parts in contact with the ground:
  • foundation walls,
  • foundation slabs,
  • cellar walls,
  • floors of underground garages, including inverted roofs and green roofs.
For interlayer seals (under screed):
  • in wet and damp rooms,
  • on balconies,
  • on terraces.



  • environmentally friendly, does not contain solvents,
  • elastic, bridging cracks,
  • with a high solid content,
  • short drying time,
  • binds as a result of a chemical reaction - after a short time it is resistant to rain,
  • due to the possibility of spraying it allows you to quickly perform work.

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