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Weber.tec 824 20 kg View larger

Weber.tec 824 20 kg

Numer produktu Realbud: 61993
Weber.tec 824 (Superflex D1) is a hydraulically binding sealing micro-mortar (sludge) based on cement, aggregates and special additives and modifiers.

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$   51.74 42.062607 /unit

$ 42.06 tax excl.

Weight 20 kg
Application temperature od +5°C do +30°C
Color Szary
Quantity per Pallet 42 szt.
EAN Code 5900350193900
Supplier's index 14TEC824/20/SUPD1
Supplier WEBER
Volume 0.02 m³

The most important properties of the product

  • easy to process
  • with very good adhesion to the ground
  • for use with constant water load
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • resistant to sulphates
  • resistant to water pressure causing peeling off the substrate

Product application

  • for horizontal and vertical waterproofing of buildings and structures that are buried in the ground, such as:

a) foundation footings
b) foundation walls
c) foundation slabs

  • to seal building plinth areas
  • for performing secondary insulation of buildings and structures (walls, floors), also of a bathtub type
  • for combined seals (subfloor) of balconies and terraces
  • for sealing damp and wet rooms (showers, bathrooms, etc.), also in underfloor heating systems
  • for temporary sealing during construction
  • for sealing water tanks, swimming pools, sewage treatment plant tanks (in municipal sewage treatment plants can act as a protective and insulating coating)

The construction of waterproofing depends on the type of structure being sealed and the moisture load, the presence of aggressive media, etc.



Bardzo dobry produkt na izolacje tarasu. Kupiony razem z taśmą systemową do naroży. Pewnie to też zależy od wykonawcy, ale w końcu skończyły się problemy z podciekaniem pod tarasem. Doceniam też pomoc handlowca, był bardzo pomocny przy doborze odpowiedniego materiału. Na pewno skorzystam w przyszłości z tego sklepu!

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DoP TEC 824 Weber PL

Declaration of performance for the Weber product in Polish.