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Weber.tec 828 DB 75 sealing tape 50 meters

Special sealing tape system for safe sealing of movement, corner and connection joints and for sealing pipe penetrations

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$   2.16 /meter

$ 1.76 tax excl.

Package50 meters
Width12 cm
Weight0.02 kg
Application temperatureFrom -30°C to +90°C
Supplier's index14TEC828/50/DB75


weber.tec 828 -components made of sealing tape, sealing cuff, internal and external corners are used to bridge movement joints and flexible, water-tight formation of edge and connecting joints in the wall and floor area, as well as for the sealing of pipe ducts in wet areas. Can be used in humidity classes A, B, C, A0 and B0. To improve the adhesive bond the weber.tec 828 components have a fleece lamination. The sealing tapes are highly elastic in the transverse direction. The sealing cuff weber.tec 828 MD can be adapted for different pipe sizes.

Product description

weber.tec 828   is cross stretch along rigid and water-resistant elastomer.


Non-woven special elastomeric material with a polyester carrier fabric.

Product advantages

  • to use inside and outside
  • waterproof
  • high bonding strength to surface sealing
  • fleeced
  • for permanently wet areas
  • resistant to water, weather and alkalis
  • resistant to chemicals
  • for all humidity classes
Elongation at break:190%
Temperature resistance:-30°C to + 90°C
Water pressure resistance:ca. 2 Bar


In the case of dry storage, protected from moisture and direct sunlight, the material is storable for at least 24 months.

Quality assurance

weber.tec 828 is subject to continuous quality control.

Surface preparation

  • The substrate must be sufficiently load-bearing, clean, dry, frost-free, dimensionally stable and free from adhesion-reducing substances.
  • Loose or flaking mortar and paint residues must be removed carefully.
  • Please also look at the technical information sheets of the weber.tec composite seals.
  • For laying tiles the substrate must satisfy the requirements according to DIN 18157


  • The weber.tec 828 components are embedded in the freshly submitted first sealing layer from the weber.tec composite sealant. In this case, when the inner or outer corners are used, they are first inserted into the sealing layer. The embedding of the sealing tape is then carried out, with an overlap of at least 5 cm in the area of the joint being carried out.
  • When gluing the tape, make sure that the tension zone remains free of glue (if necessary, tape the zone of the tension zone temporarily with crepe tape). Before gluing, the corresponding overlapping areas of the sealing tape must be cleaned.
  • The weber.tec 828 components are pressed with the smoothing trowel into the freshly applied sealing layer and, after drying, are reworked with the second sealing layer. The second sealing layer is applied approximately 1 cm over the non-fleece zone. Do not use sharp-edged tools when pressing and reworking.
  • In the case of structural sealings which require a horizontal and vertical joint seal, this must be taken into account when designing the strip in order to avoid unnecessary connections. The ends, which have not yet been installed, must be roughened and protected with a building slab until they are glued.
  • The sealing strips must be protected against direct mechanical stress.
  • The expansion zone collar has a pre-punched hole for 1/2 "-tubes and can be enlarged to the specified rings up to DN 100.

General information

  • If the component movements are expected to occur, the sealing tape should be machined into the expansion and movement joints as required.
  • The expansion zone should be installed centrally in the corner joints and through material transitions.

Special instructions

  • Resistant to salt solutions or alkalis, as well as dilute acids and alkalis.
  • Not resistant to mineral oils, petrol, fuels and aromatics such as toluene.

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Weber.tec 828 DB 75 sealing tape 50 meters

Weber.tec 828 DB 75 sealing tape 50 meters

Special sealing tape system for safe sealing of movement, corner and connection joints and for sealing pipe penetrations

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MSDS weber.tec 828 DE

Material safety data sheet

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Awarding of licence for the use of EMICODE

Awarding of licence EMICODE DE

Awarding of licence for the use of EMICODE