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Weber.tec 920 30L View larger

Weber.tec Superflex 2K 30L

Numer produktu Realbud: 61991

$   77.23 62.7915 /unit

$ 62.79 tax excl.

Capacity 30L
Usage od 4 do 5 litrów/m²
Weight 30 kg
Color Czarny
Quantity per Pallet 18 szt.
Supplier's index 14SUP02K/30
Supplier WEBER
Volume 0.06 m³


  • Solvent-free product,
  • Deformable, has the ability to bridge scratches,
  • Open for a long time
  • Used on all mineral substrates (no need for plastering),
  • It is environmentally friendly due to the lack of solvents,
  • Tightness for radon penetration,
  • High resistance to aging, water and aggressive substances normally found in the ground,
  • High resistance (after hardening) to road salt, sea water and frost.



1. The product is intended for waterproofing of heavy or medium type of buildings, structures and their parts in contact with the ground:

  • Foundation walls,
  • Foundation slabs,
  • Basement walls,
  • Underground garage floors.

2. For interlayer seals (under screed):

  • In wet and humid rooms,
  • On the balconies,
  • On the terraces.

3. For waterproofing and waterproofing of plinth zones.

4. For spot and full surface gluing of protective and thermal insulation boards made of:

  • Styrofoam (EPS),
  • Sytroduru (XPS),
  • Mineral wool,
  • Drainage panels (in case of water load, drainage panels should be glued over the entire surface).

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