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XPS 300 10 cm

Numer produktu Realbud: 1909

$   31.87 25.911116 /package

$ 25.91 tax excl.

Package 0.277 m³ / 2.77 m² / 4 boards
Length 123.5 cm
Width 58.5 cm
Thickness 10 cm
Weight 9.14 kg
Resistance class 300 kPa
Thermal conductivity 0.035 W/mK
Reaction to fire F
Quantity per Pallet 16 pcs
Supplier DOW
Volume 0.28 m³

XPS is a highly versatile, multi-purpose thermal insulation material. Standard insulation boards are suitable for numerous applications and purposes from ground frost insulation to foundations, sub-floors, roofs, walls, additional thermal insulation purposes and many other applications.

Width 600 mm (+-5 mm)

Length 1235 mm (+- 10 mm)

Note! The effective length is 1235 mm and the effective width is 585 mm.


  •      Excellent thermal insulation properties
  •      Low water absorption
  •      Load resistance (strength)
  •      Properties do not depend on changes in environmental conditions
  •      Resistance to freezing and thawing cycles
  •      sustainability
  •      They do not emit hazardous particles or gases
  •      Easy assembly
  •      Production with minimal impact on the environment
  •      100% recyclable

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XPS 300 10 cm

XPS 300 10 cm

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