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Ytong Energo+ PP2/0,3 S+GT from 365 to 480 mm


480 mm = 24 pcs./pallet

365 mm = 32 pcs./pallet

Goods on non-returnable pallets

The price is for the width of 365 mm

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$   4.26 /unit

$ 3.46 tax excl.

Length599 mm
Width365 or 480 mm
Height199 mm
Usage8.33 pcs./m²
Weight20.31 kg
Thermal conductivity0.17 or 0.23 W/mK
Supplier's index200351310
Volume0.04 m³

The warmest material dedicated to single-layer walls are Ytong Energo + blocks that meet the highest thermal requirements with a compression strength of 2 N / mm2.

They are available in two thicknesses: 36.5 and 48 cm. Elements with a thickness of 36.5 cm allow you to build walls that without additional insulation meet the current heat standards for residential buildings.

However, Ytong Energo + with a thickness of 48 cm does not require insulation even in the construction of energy-efficient houses, where the heat transfer coefficient U must be less than or equal to 0.20 [W / (m2K)].

Ytong Energo + benefits

Blocks Ytong Energo + is a material that provides:

  • the best insulation from construction materials with a strength of 2 N / mm2,
  • very good thermal capacity of the walls, which slowly release the accumulated heat and allow to maintain a stable temperature level in the building,
  • the speed of construction - the investor saves time in the process of building a house primarily thanks to the omission of the thermal insulation stage and the simple method of bricklaying,
  • high vapor permeability of external walls

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Ytong dojechał wg ustaleń. Transakcja przebiegła pomyślnie. Materiał dobrej jakości, hurtownia godna polecenia

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