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Ytong Energo PP2/0,35 S+GT from 240 to 480 mm

Ytong Energo - aerated concrete blocks for masonry. Ytong Energo is the warmest material that can be purchased on the market.


480 mm - 24 pcs./pallet

400 mm - 32 pcs./pallet

365 mm - 32 pcs./pallet

300 mm - 40 pcs./pallet

240 mm - 48 pcs./pallet

Goods on non-returnable pallets

Tag price refers to the width of 240 mm

Below select your desired thickness:

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$   2.47 /unit

$ 2.01 tax excl.

Length599 mm
Height199 mm
Usage8.33 pcs./m²
Thermal conductivity0.095 W/mK
Bend strength2 N/mm²

The new Ytong Energo aerated concrete blocks are available in different thicknesses (24, 30, 36.5, 40 and 48 cm). They allow to build the wall without additional insulation. This means that the wall meets the termic standards and, what is more, it is designed in accordance with standards for energy efficient buildings.


  • The warmest building material out there (λ10, dry = 0.095 W/mK)
  • Single-layer wall (U = 0.19 W/m2K) with width 48 cm
  • Available in thicknesses: 24, 30, 36.5, 40 and 48 cm
  • No heat-loss bridges due to using a mortar for thin joints and connections on the tongue and groove
  • Ergonomic construction of the wall through the mounting handles
  • Dense wall with high-precision components
  • Minimum mortar use (5-7 kg/m2)
  • Fire protection - non-flammable material (A1) and resistance to fire (REI 240),
  • Permeable material
  • Produced only from natural ingredients: lime, sand and water

Ytong Energo - aerated concrete wall

Ytong Energo aerated concrete blocks are a warm and robust variety of aerated concrete PP2/0.35, which has not yet been available on the market. The stone structure, built of millions of small pores, makes Ytong Energo very warm - warmer than all previously produced structural wall materials.



zacząłem budowę domu i polecono mi realbud,
póki co kupuje wszystko bo wszystko maja ,
a ściany z ytonga polecono mi jako najl;epsze



    Bardzo dobre, polecam.
    Ja ten produkt zamówiłem razem z ytong krztałtka i ytong PP 4. Dostawa szybka a i cena niska, jestem zadowolony z zakupu w

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