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Ytong FORTE PP2,5/0,4 S+GT from 150 to 365 mm


365 mm - 32 szt./pallets

300 mm - 40 szt./pallets

240 mm - 48 szt./pallets

200 mm - 56 szt./pallets

150 mm - 80 szt./pallets

Goods on non-returnable pallets

The price is for the width of 150 mm

Below select your desired thickness:

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$   1.55 /unit

$ 1.26 tax excl.

Length599 mm
Height199 mm
Usage8.33 pcs./m²
Thermal conductivity0.11 W/mK
Bend strength2,5 N/mm²

Ytong Forte are PP2.5/0.4 blocks, which are characterized by the same high thermal insulation as the PP2 / 0,4 variety produced so far. At the same time, the new product has a higher compressive strength (2.5 N/mm2), which allows it to be used in walls with the required higher compressive strength.

Ytong Forte elements are available in 24 cm and 36.5 cm thick

Ytong Forte 36.5 cm thick blocks thanks to high thermal insulation (λ10, dry = 0.105 W / (mK)) can be used for single-layer walls, without insulation, meeting the requirements of thermal protection for all types of buildings. The wall heat transfer coefficient Ytong Forte 36.5 cm is U = 0.29 W / (m2K)).

Elements with a thickness of 24 cm are an excellent proposal for erecting walls intended for insulation.

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