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Acoustic tape for profiles 50/3mm/30m Visa större

Acoustic tape for profiles 50/3mm/30m

Numer produktu Realbud: 44270

Attached to perimeter wall profiles CW and UW.

Essential for acoustic insulation of the wall.

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66.65   kr 54.187091 /st

54.19 kr exkl. moms.

Förpackning Rulle
Längd 30 m
Bredd 50 mm
Tjocklek 3 mm
Vikt 0,4 kg
Färg Blå
Supplier's index 20/20B/01-0047
Tillverkare SECCO

Product features:

  • Insulates sound and promotes thermal insulation,
  • It does not let air or moisture,
  • Resistant to aging,
  • It absorbs vibrations and is an excellent additional acoustic insulation of the wall,

Perfect in dorm rooms, music studios, recording studios, etc.
The acoustic tape has a positive effect on the acoustic insulation of plasterboard construction. Thanks to the self-adhesive layer, it can be glued directly to profiles mounted on walls, ceilings or on floors. It makes the whole room soundproofed, does not transfer the vibrations of the structure to the ground and walls.

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