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Weber.pas topflex - Acrylic Plaster granulation 1.5 mm 30 kg

Numer produktu Realbud: 58870

269.27   kr 218.918533 /st

218.92 kr exkl. moms.

Förpackning Hink
Förbrukning 2,2-2,6 kg/m²
Vikt 31 kg
Färg 100 colors without additional fee
Kvantitet på en lastpall 24 pcs.
Supplier's index 14WTD32T/30B15
Tillverkare WEBER
Volym 0.04 m³

Product description

Acrylic plaster mass weber.pas topflex is a factory-made product, supplied in buckets, in the form of a paste, ready for use on the construction site after prior mixing. The product is based on an aqueous dispersion of an acrylic resin and structural mineral aggregate. The plaster has a coating protection against fouling with algae or fungi.

The most important properties of the product

  • elastic
  • resistant to mechanical impact
  • efficient - up to 20% less consumption
  • low water absorption
  • ready to use, available in 100 colors

Product application

  • Colored finish of concrete walls
  • Colored finish of thermal insulation systems based on EPS insulation, designed in intense, saturated colors
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • For manual and machine application


Details of work related to the installation of the insulation system are described in detail in ITB instructions 418/2007 and 447/2009. This description defines the general scope of the product, but can not replace the professional preparation of the contractor. The works should be carried out in accordance with the construction art and health and safety rules. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product, but it does not affect the conditions and the way it is used. If in doubt, please make your own attempts or contact the Weber Technical Advisors. With the publication of this technical card, the earlier cards expire.

The choice of color

Weber decorative plasters are produced on the basis of natural marble aggregate, which may have a different shade depending on the deposit. Therefore, when applying decorative plasters, it should be remembered that full, indivisible surfaces of the wall should be plastered in full, without any breaks in operation from the same production batch (the same batch number on the packaging). Plastering works should be organized in a suitable way, depending on the size of the plastered surface and weather conditions.

When choosing colors, it should be especially remembered that they obtain a different color in natural light and another in artificial light. The differences also result from the different perception of color on paper and on the façade. In addition, the color impression is influenced by: varied textures of plaster surfaces, air humidity, season, environment, distance to the object and the type and nature of lighting. The final color obtained also largely depends on the performance conditions.


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