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Szlifierka kątowa 125 mm 860W Visa större

Angle grinder Ø12.5 cm 860W

Numer produktu Realbud: 62667
  • Machine power rating: 0.86 kWh
  • Rotational speed: 12000 rot./min
  • Disc diameter: 125 mm
  • Disc slot diameter: 22.2 mm

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298.19   kr 242.432419 /st

242.43 kr exkl. moms.

Diameter 2.22 cm; 12.5 cm
EAN-kollinummer 5902628795007
Supplier's index DED7950
Tillverkare DEDRA
The angle grinders available in the Dedra range have undergone modernization in order to adapt them to the requirements of the new regulations, as well as to increase work safety. A safe switch was used that:

1. after releasing by the user will turn off the device (the switch cannot be locked in the "ON" position)

2. is equipped with a safety system that, if activated, prevents the grinder from starting automatically after a power outage, after the power reappears, the grinder will not start. To turn it on you will need to slide the switch to the "OFF" position and back to "ON" again.

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