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IZOPLAST W-KLkg Visa större

Bitumen Polystyrene & XPS Adhesive Izoplast 2K-W, 28 kg

Numer produktu Realbud: 42253

Asphalt-rubber hydro-insulation – gluing compound, Dn.

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252.35   kr /frp.

205.16 kr exkl. moms.

Förbrukning0.6-1.2 kg/m²
Vikt21 kg
AppliceringstemperaturFrom +5°C
Skikttjocklek1.5 - 5 mm
Volym0.03 m³


IZOPLAST W-KL asphalt-rubber hydro-insulation – gluing compound is intended for making hydro-insulation coatings and gluing hard foamed polyester panels or mineral wool, making seamless anti-humid coatings of the light type, priming the base. It is used cold.


Gluing on the thermal insulation panels

Before use, stir the product thoroughly.

- EPS polyester foam

- XPS polyester foam

The base should be clean, dry and smooth, cleaned of any fat/grease, hardened drips, etc. The concrete base should be previously primed with IZOPLAST DYSPERBENT preparation, or, if needed, a correct, hydro-insulation layer should be made in accordance with the design (we offer IZOPLAST products for this) or covered with tar paper. The thoroughly stirred IZOPLAST W-KL compound is applied on the surfaces being insulated with brush, roofing broom, or float.



  • Outdoor and indoor but not in living quarters.
  • Gluing on the hard insulation panels made of EPS or XPS foamed polystyrene.
  • Making of seamless humidity proofing coatings of the “light” type.



  • excellent gluing properties,
  • no solvent,
  • easy and quick to use (ready to use), applicable with brushes, floats, and/or roofing brooms.
  • very good adhesion to mineral bases,
  • water proofing,
  • forms an insulation resistant to weather conditions.

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Bitumen Polystyrene & XPS Adhesive Izoplast 2K-W, 28 kg

Bitumen Polystyrene & XPS Adhesive Izoplast 2K-W, 28 kg

Asphalt-rubber hydro-insulation – gluing compound, Dn.

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